What’s the Fish Scheme?

Children need water to learn, and this is why we have created the FISH Campaign for Motivational Hydration- our benchmark for ensuring constantly great; empowered students.

The FISH Campaign for Motivational Hydration promotes friendly competition amongst peers with an over-riding educational benefit. Research proves that school environments are one of the most influential platforms in the nation, and we need the support of school teachers to help educate students the importance of drinking water in every area of life.

Every student needs to be drinking a minimum of 1litre of water every day. Our 500ml water bottles are designed to make the long-term goal possible. We encourage every student to drink 1 full bottle of water every morning and afternoon whilest at school. Every student that fulfils their minimum intake of 1litre each day is rewarded with a “Healthy & Hydrated” FISH Sticker. These results are recorded on a score chart, and at the end of the week, every student that has remained Healthy & Hydrated; morning and afternoon each day; is rewarded as a FISH Superstar of the Week.

A constant stream of Teacher resources will be available to encourage and remind students of their Hydration requirements. Hydration is imperative and we want to work with Schools to ensure that they achieve the results their students are capable of when sufficiently hydrated- fully functionable.

Our school packages are great value for money. Our bottles are entirely food safe, and parents love the fact that they are easy to clean, non-spill and hard wearing.

Young children are our potential, and as an environmental conscious campaign, we will work hard with schools to create a better tomorrow.

key objectives

To ensure all students have access to a constant hydration supply

To educate young people about the health benefits of drinking water

To create a better tomorrow

To ensure that drinking water targets are measurable and realistic (whilst ensuring that every child drinks their minimum water requirement of 1litre per day)

To reward students that constantly ensure they are hydrated