Hydration Station

For water to be freely available, tasty and appealing, a plumbed-in water cooler is always the easiest, lowest maintenance and best value option.

The Fish hydration station is a trusty workhorse with one of the highest reliability rates in the industry. Its simple design means it’s very easy to keep clean, its dispense height making it an ideal option for children. It has an energy efficient high capacity direct chill cooling mechanism, so that however much water you need, the last cup is as cold as the first, and it’s available as a freestanding machine or can be installed to sit on a counter, for maximum flexibility.

Available to purchase outright or to rent.

B2 Direct Chill Floorstanding Cold and Ambient: £464.54

B2 Direct Chill Countertop Cold and Ambient: £432.84

RENTAL £5.95/week* *Terms & Conditions apply

For the full maintenance contract and terms and conditions, please get in touch.