Why hydration is so important in winter

With the winter fast approaching, we thought now would be the perfect time to take a look at cold weather hydration and why it’s so important. So why not grab yourself a steaming cup of tea or a nice hot chocolate and keep reading to find out more?

Forgetting to drink water

During the summer months, when it’s warm outside and the sun is high in the sky, most of us are pretty good at remembering to drink water on a regular basis. Fresh, cool water is incredibly refreshing in hot weather and most people will remember to carry a bottle around with them when they’re out and about.

In the winter months however, hydration levels can quickly begin to slide. Because we’re not as hot or as sweaty, a lot of people forget they need to top up their H2O levels throughout the day and so many quickly become dehydrated when they’re out playing in the snow or walking through the wintry countryside. Even if they do remember to stay hydrated, thick gloves can make accessing bottles difficult, putting many people off drinking water.

Replacing lost liquid

Although a lot of people forget to drink water in the winter months, our bodies still need plenty of H2O if they’re going to stay hydrated and healthy. Playing outside in the snow and walking, hiking and cycling in cold weather all still cause our bodies to sweat, so replacing lost liquid is essential.

Often, our bodies actually work harder in low temperatures as we use up lots of energy to keep warm and keep moving. The heavy layers we wear in the winter months can cause us to sweat a lot during the day, however you may not notice how much you’re perspiring as the liquid will evaporate more quickly in cool, dry conditions.

Flavouring your water

If you aren’t a big fan of plain water, adding a flavour to your H2O may make you more likely to drink regularly throughout the day. Try placing some fruit in a jug of water overnight and then pouring the H2O into your bottle in the morning. This should leave you with a refreshing, tasty drink to enjoy when you’re out and about.

Staying hydrated

Just like in the summer, staying well hydrated in the winter means drinking plenty of water. Try to drink a full 500ml in the morning and another in the afternoon. If you’re out exercising in the fresh air, you may need to top your H2O levels up even further if you want to feel your best throughout the day.

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