Halloween tricks and treats

Although Halloween is traditionally a time for sugary indulgence, let’s not forget the ‘trick’ part of the celebration altogether. By being a little creative in the kitchen and cunning in your cooking, you can whip up a number of surprising, terrifying and downright weird tricks and treats for your kids to enjoy this Halloween.

Trick - Severed finger hot dogs

Making hot dogs look like severed fingers is surprisingly easy. Simply make a small cut at one end of the hotdog and slide a small crisp in to resemble a fingernail. At the other end of the hot dog, squirt some bright red ketchup to give the impression of freshly oozing blood. Serve up your ghoulish snacks in buns or on a plate to give your kids the fright of their lives.

Treat – Fresh flavoured water

Although most kids will want to ingest nothing but sugar and e-numbers this Halloween, preparing some delicious flavoured water for them to drink will help to cleanse the palate and hold the sugar-crash at bay. Stick some mint, lemon or raspberry into a jug of water and keep it in the fridge overnight before Halloween. These fresh flavours will help to cut through the sweets and the chocolate to leave your kids feeling invigorated and hydrated.

Trick - Brussels sprout truffles

If you want to be really mean to your kids, you could make up a batch of Brussels sprout chocolates to dole out on Halloween. Simply boil up some sprouts, melt a little milk chocolate and roll the veg in the melted goo. When the chocolate hardens, the sprouts will look just like chocolate truffles, giving your kids a nasty shock when they take a bite!

Treat – Luxury hot chocolate

What better way to end another great Halloween than with a steaming cup of tasty hot chocolate. To give your concoction an extra chocolate twist, use real milk or dark chocolate when preparing the brew. Simply melt the chocolate into hot milk and pour into a mug. Top the cup with cream, marshmallows, syrup and any other tasty treats you can think of, then sit back, and enjoy.

Trick - Mustard filled cupcakes

Another good trick this Halloween is to fill your innocent looking cupcakes with spicy mustard. Put just a little mustard in for a mild shock or, if you really want to give the fids a shock, put a good tablespoon full of the yellow stuff in every cake.

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