How schools can encourage kids to drink more water

A recent study has revealed that many UK school children drink just a quarter of the water they need during the school day. The research, carried out by Chilean Easy Peel Oranges, has shown that 32% of kids go through the entire school day on just one glass of water while one in 20 parents say their child drinks nothing at all in between 9am-3pm.

These shocking figures are bad news for both schools and families. Kids need plenty of H2O in order for their bodies to work as they should. A lack of hydration can lead to pupils suffering headaches, fatigue, dizziness and long term health issues. So how can schools encourage children to drink more? And is it possible to turn the tide in the fight against dehydration?

How much water do kids need?

According to official guidelines, children aged between five and eight should have at least five glasses of water a day while nine to 12 year olds should have around seven glasses of H2O. Staying hydrated will help kids to remain focused in the classroom, make learning easier and help children to feel happy and healthy throughout the day.

Why aren’t kids drinking enough?

A lot of parents blame this lack of hydration on ‘water-only’ policies. Many schools have now banned squash in an effort to limit the amount of sugar kids consume, reduce obesity levels and boost health. However, children who only drink squash and sugary drinks at home often struggle when presented with pure H2O and many suffer dehydration as a result.

Getting school children to drink more water

A good way for schools to encourage kids to drink more water is to place an emphasis on hydration. Teaching kids about the importance of water, telling them fun and interesting facts about H2O and generally reminding them to drink regularly throughout the day can have a huge impact on the amount kids drink.

Schools that invest in water fountains and specially designed bottles for their pupils often see the biggest increases in hydration levels. By making drinking H2O a fun and inclusive activity, schools can make kids excited about water and help them to boost the amount they drink throughout the day.

Often, teachers also need to be educated about the importance of hydration. If they’re aware of the many benefits of H2O, they’ll be more likely to remind children to drink water regularly through the school day.

Drinking water on a regular basis can help kids to perform better in the classroom and help them to get more out of their lessons. To find out more about the importance of hydration, or for more ideas on how to encourage kids to drink more, explore our site or contact a member of our team today.

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