Spooky Halloween Recipes

With Halloween just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start getting ready for the spooky season. If you’re planning a party, or just want to get in the Halloween mood, try out one of these terrifyingly good recipes.

Dracula’s juice

Looking for a spooking drink to serve at your Halloween party? This crafty concoction could be just the thing. If you want to make the recipe nice and healthy, blend fresh strawberries and raspberries with water to create a thin smoothie. You can then add a little fizzy water to give the punch a kick. Alternatively, dilute some cranberry or raspberry juice with water for a quick and easy beverage.

Add a few spooky finishing touches to your punch by filling a clean plastic glove with water and placing in the freezer. It will end up in the shape of a hand that can then be placed in the centre of the punch bowl.

Brain jelly

Brain jelly makes a fantastic centrepiece for a Halloween party. Mix water with gelatin and food colouring to create a bright red concoction. Pour the mix into a brain shaped mould, place in the fridge and then wait. When you turn the jelly out onto a plate you’ll have a bright red, wobbly brain to enjoy. Place a few gummy spiders and worms in with the gelatine mix for an extra spooky effect.

Spider web cake

If you don’t fancy jelly for pudding, this spider web cake will help to satisfy your sweet tooth. Make a sponge in your favourite flavour – you can’t beat chocolate in our opinion – bake in the oven and cool. Once it’s completely cold pour chocolate icing or whipped cream over the top of the cake. Next, ‘draw’ a spiral on the top of the sponge using either melted white or milk chocolate (choose the colour that contrasts most with your chosen icing. You can then carefully drag a toothpick across the spiral to create a spider web effect. Place a plastic spider in the centre of the cake to make the decoration even more effective.

Pizza skulls

A fantastic idea for a savoury Halloween snack, pizza skulls will make a great addition to your party table. Firstly, you’ll need to purchase a baking tray with skull shaped moulds. These are available from online retailers. Next, make the pizza dough and press it into the mould. Fill the mould with tomato sauce, cheese and anything else you fancy. Cover the filling with another thin piece of dough and bake in the oven. Once they’ve cooled, you can turn them out onto a plate and serve. When your guests cut into their pizza skulls, the sauce will ooze out like blood.

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