Gift ideas that help with little ones’ health

With increasing numbers of children struggling to meet minimum activity levels, encouraging your kids to get out and get active is crucial if you want them to grow into healthy adults. To help you raise energy levels in your home, we’ve created a list of health boosting gift ideas for kids.

Skipping rope

Fun, simple and affordable, a skipping rope can help to get your kids moving. Skipping is an incredibly good way to burn calories and get fit. Fast skipping can burn up to 10 calories a minute while strengthening legs, shoulders and arms at the same time. What’s more, skipping can be done alone or with friends, making it perfect for home or school.

Water bottle

If you’re trying to increase your child’s activity level, it’s important to remember you need to boost their water intake too. Giving your child a bright, colourful reusable water bottle will help to make hydration fun and will help them to remember to drink H2O throughout the day.

Healthy cookbook

Most kids love to get their hands dirty in the kitchen. You can take advantage of this culinary interested by buying your child a healthy kids cookbook. There are a number of options available, making it easy to find recipes your kids will love. As well as being fun and healthy, a cookbook also offers the perfect opportunity to teach kids about nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet.


Although it may not sound like the most exciting gift for a child, most kids enjoy hitting targets and seeing their efforts immediately rewarded. Try giving your child a pedometer and challenging them to hit a certain number of steps per day. There’s a good chance that, before long, you’ll see your little ones walking circles out in the garden in an effort to hit their walking goal.

Wii fit

If your budget will stretch to it, a Wii Fit can be a great way to get kids moving. There is a huge choice of games available for the console covering a huge variety of games and sports. One of the big benefits of a Wii Fit is that it can be used on a rainy day, helping to keep activity levels up whatever the weather.

Sports equipment

From footballs to cricket bats and badminton nets to tennis rackets, having a bit of sporting equipment at home can help to get kids out and get them active. If you don’t have a garden at home, you can take the sports equipment to your local park and enjoy a bit of fresh air as a family. Find out more about hydration and living a healthy lifestyle by exploring the information on our site or contact a member of our team today.

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