Clever car tells drivers when they need to drink water

If you pay careful attention to your hydration, you’ll know that not drinking enough water during the day can cause you to feel dizzy and tired and make it hard to concentrate. If you’re at school, this can make it hard to learn new things and stay focussed in the classroom. However if when grown ups are behind the wheel of a car, it can be seriously dangerous.

One way to prevent dehydration from causing a problem when you’re on the road is to drink water regularly. However remembering to stay hydrated on long car journeys can be easier said than done, especially if you’re concentrating on navigating as well.

To help drivers remember to drink water when they’re on the road, one car company has invented a vehicle that actually tells you when it’s time to take a water break. The high tech invention could help to prevent drivers from becoming dehydrated and could make our roads even safer.

Dehydration and driving

Research has shown that drivers who only sip a little bit of water while behind the wheel make more than double the number of mistakes than those who are properly hydrated. In fact, the European Hydration Institute has found that the number of errors made by dehydrated drivers is roughly the same as the number made by drivers who have been drinking alcohol. This shows that dehydration can be just as dangerous as drink driving.

The dehydration-sensing car

Car maker Nissan has recently unveiled an innovative vehicle that can sense when the driver hasn’t had enough to drink. Nissan teamed up with a Dutch designer to create a high-tech accessory for their new car. Called SOAK, the sweat-sensing coating is being installed on the steering wheel and on the driver’s seat of the vehicle. SOAK changes colour when it comes into contact with sweat, indicating when the driver is hydrated and when they’re in need of H2O.

With approximately 60% of drivers unable to recognise the symptoms of dehydration, this technology could prove to be very useful in keeping our roads safe. By helping to keep drivers hydrated on both long and short car journeys, SOAK could help to prevent accidents and make all of us that little bit more alert behind the wheel.

Staying hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Helping to keep us more alert, more awake and more focussed, water is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. To find out more about the importance of hydration and the amazing properties of water, explore our site or contact a member of our team today.

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