Water pranks and funny fails

Although water has a number of important and very serious functions, it’s also a lot of fun. From building a water slide in your back garden, to having a water balloon fight with friends, a little bit of H2O can help you have a lot of fun on a hot summer’s day.

With just a few more weeks of warm weather left, we thought we’d help you finish your summer off with a bang by sharing some of the best and funniest water pranks and funny fails of all time.

The water bottle prank

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A great water-based trick for a rainy day, the water bottle prank involves a little bit of illusion and showmanship. First, fill a plastic bottle with water and fetch a coin from your piggy bank. Next, round up an unsuspecting victim for your devilish prank – any parent, friend or sibling will do.

Once you have everything set up, you’ll need to use your showbiz skills to convince the subject you’re able to magic the coin into the bottle of water without using your hands. When they bend down to have a look, quickly squeeze the bottle into their face and give them a good soaking.

Sneeze water

Make your friends and family think you’ve sneezed all over them by cupping some water in your hands, standing behind your chosen victim’s back and pretending to sneeze. When they feel the liquid pouring down their neck they’ll probably be less than impressed, until they realise it was all a joke that is.

Superglued water bottles

Alternatively, if you don’t want to get your friends and family wet you can have just as much fun stopping them getting to water. Simply super glue the lids of their disposable plastic bottles to the bottle itself. Watch as your chosen victims struggle and struggle to get at their H2O.

Water fails

Making surfaces slippery and tempting even the most sensible people into attempting death-defying jumps and dives, water can be a tricky substance. All too often, people who have a go on water slides, diving boards and boats come a cropper, with paddling pools and the sea two of the main culprits when it comes to water-based fails. To help work out what not to do around water, and to have a laugh in the process, take a look at this compilation of hilarious water-based fails.

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