Why we should welcome the rain!

If you’re on your holidays, you’ve probably noticed the weather is anything but summery. Much of the UK has seen heavy rain over the past few weeks and in some places it feels more like the middle of December than the middle of August.

However, though the rain can spoil a day at the beach, it’s good news for the planet. Offering our gardens a much needed drink and providing the perfect excuse to stay in and snuggle up with a good movie, rainy days are an integral part of a true British summer.

Fuel for our rivers and streams

In June, the WWF reported that a quarter of England’s rivers and streams were at risk of running dry. Up until May, 2017 was the driest year since 2011, with many regions fearing the coming summer would bring a severe drought. Luckily, July delivered a number of significant downpours and in fact became the wettest July in five years.

All this water will work its way into our rivers and streams, helping to raise water levels and give fish and other water dwellers a bit more space to swim in. As well as being good news for fish, it’s also great for the plants that line the riverbanks, the boats that navigate our waters and the anglers who like to spend the summer days fishing for their supper.

Good for the garden

A bit of rain in the summer months is great for the garden. Helping to keep grass green and plants happy and healthy, it will make your outside space, or your local park, look fantastic. Well-hydrated grass is also better able to withstand football, cricket and other outdoor games. This will help your pitch or court to stay in good condition throughout the summer holidays.

When it is grey and raining outside, why not take the opportunity to do some drawing, painting or baking? Alternatively, you could stay in your pyjamas all day and watch some of your favourite films.

We need to stay hydrated too

If you’ve noticed that your garden or local park is green and healthy after a downpour, you may already have realised how important rain is for the environment. Just like the grass and plants you see outside, you need water to survive too. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help to keep you healthy and hydrated, something that will make you feel more awake, more energetic and more focused.

There’s loads of interesting information about water and hydration on our site, so why not take a look around to find out more?

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