Our favourite summer sports for all the family

Long, sunny days and warm weather make summer the perfect time to get out and get active with the family. Whether your kids are just learning to hold a racket or they’re on their way to being pros, you’ll all have a lot of fun playing in the great outdoors. To help give you the motivation to get out there, we’ve put together our list of the best summer sports for all the family.


Few things epitomise the summer better than the sound of willow against leather. Cricket is a popular summer sport throughout the UK and it’s a great one to play with the kids on a sunny day. As cricket doesn’t require too much running around, it’s ideal for hot days and players who want to keep their heart rate down. You’ll need a reasonably sized patch of flat land to play on and a bat and ball to play with. If you don’t have stumps you can always use sticks instead, making cricket the perfect low cost game for all the family.


A great way to build up a bit of family rivalry, rounders is fun, energetic and easy to play. All you’ll need is a bat, a ball and a few jumpers to use as bases. Once you’ve divided your family up into two teams, you’re ready to go.


Perfect for still summer days, badminton is a great way to build up hand-eye coordination and have fun in the sun. One of the best things about badminton is that it can be as energetic or as relaxed as you like. So if there are members of the family who’d rather stroll between bases then run, it’s no problem.

Table tennis

When it’s too hot to run around in the sun, table tennis is the perfect way to fill your family leisure time. If you don’t have a table tennis table at home, you can improvise with a large dining table or a big bit of plyboard. Though little ones may find it difficult to return the ball at first, you’ll find your kids get the hang of it after a while.


A lovely way to pass a summer’s afternoon, Frisbee is perfect for family members of all ages. There are lots of games you can play with a Frisbee, like catch and ultimate Frisbee. Alternatively, if you don’t want to get competitive, you can simply throw the Frisbee from person to person.


Whenever you’re out in the summer sun, it’s important to remember to keep hydrated. This is even more crucial if you’re running around playing games as your body will lose water even faster.

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