Water is so important it’s even in our DNA!

One of the most important natural resources on Earth, water plays a central role in a huge variety of life cycles and chemical reactions. Without it, most plants, mammals, reptiles, fish and birds would simply disappear, transforming the Earth into a desert. In fact, water is so important it’s actually built into our DNA, forming one of the building blocks of life and helping us to be the people we are today.

What is DNA?

DNA is the molecule that carries all of the genetic information needed to build a human. It stands for deoxyribonucleic acid and is the thing that determines if you’ll have blue eyes or brown eyes, how tall you’ll be and what colour hair you’ll have. If your DNA is faulty or mutates, it cans cause illnesses and disease.

The DNA molecule was mapped by the Human Genome Project. The project is working to identify all of the genes in the human genome as this could help people with genetic diseases and could to prevent babies from being born with inherited conditions. Apart from identical twins (who share DNA) everyone’s DNA is completely unique.

Water and DNA

A recent study published in the American Chemical Society journal Central Science has revealed that water is even more important to DNA than previously thought. Scientists have discovered that H2O forms a ‘spine of hydration’ around our DNA. This means that we have a sort of shell of water around each molecule, helping our DNA to operate and ensuring everything in our bodies works smoothly.

This hydration shell mimics the unique spiral shape of DNA. Scientists are still trying to find out exactly what the water does, but it’s thought it’s essential for several important everyday functions.


In order for our DNA to have enough water to work properly, we have to make sure we keep our bodies hydrated. This means drinking plenty of H2O throughout the day, especially if the weather is warm or you’re doing lots of exercise during the day. If you don’t drink enough water, your body will start to suffer, you may well feel tired and dizzy and you’ll probably find it difficult to concentrate in the classroom.

To make sure both you and your DNA are well hydrated, invest in a water bottle for your school bag. Fill it up whenever you pass a water fountain and make sure you drink from it regularly throughout the day.

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