What's being done to tackle summer holiday price hikes?

If you’re a parent or a teacher, you’ll already be well aware that the cost of going on holiday sky rockets as soon as the schools close their doors. Whether it’s Easter, half term or the long summer break, those jetting off for a sunny escape can expect to pay significantly more for their getaway if they wait until the schools break up.

With schools enforcing fines for term time absences and many parents unwilling to take their kids out of school outside of the holidays, avoiding these price hikes is almost impossible. So is anything being done to tackle the cost of school holidays? And how can you avoid paying extra for your summer getaway?

The school holiday price hike

In January, The Sun reported that half term escapes to Tenerife were up to 581% more expensive compared to the same holiday at other times of the year. While The Telegraph found that trips to the most popular European destinations were an average of 115% more during school holidays. This is a huge increase in price and can make going on holiday impossible for many families across the UK.

Those flying to destinations in Europe and further afield are often worst hit by inflated costs, with airlines putting their prices up sharply as soon as the schools break up. However, even staycations won’t allow you to avoid rip-off holidays completely, with many hotels, B&Bs and resorts across the UK putting their prices up during the school holidays.

What’s being done?

At the moment, there’s a not a huge amount being done to tackle summer holiday price hikes. Schools, teachers and parents have called on the Government to address the issue. However, no action has yet been taken to try to force the airlines and travel companies to make their prices fairer.

According to the travel industry, price rises are a result of increased demand. So until schools offer more flexible timetables or decide to stagger their holiday dates, this issue doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved.

Enjoying the school holidays

Whether you decide to jet off for a week or two in the sun this summer, or remain in the UK for a staycation, you’ll need to make sure you stay hydrated throughout your break. Though this especially important if you plan to spend your holiday soaking up the sun on an exotic beach, even if you choose to remain in the UK you’ll also need to carry water with you at all times as the British summer can surprise you.

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