Kids and Cooking - How to get them involved

Messy, fun and delicious, cooking is a great activity for kids of all ages. Whether they’re baking cakes, making their own pizzas or learning how to cook a family meal from scratch, most kids love getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. As well being a great way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day, cooking helps to teach them important life skills for the future. So if your little ones are yet to roll up their sleeves and get involved, here are a few tips for how you can turn your cooking novices into seasoned chefs.

Begin with baking

Baking is a fantastic way to get kids interested in cooking. Seeing raw ingredients go into the oven and come out as a cake, biscuit or muffin can be magic. Begin with simple and tasty recipes like chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes. Have your kids mix the ingredients and dole out the mixture to learn the basics.

Cook things they like to eat

You can get kids more excited about learning to cooking by teaching them how to make their favourite dishes. As well as delicious baked treats, this probably includes things like pizza, burgers and pasta. Try to find healthy versions of these family favourites for your kids to try, that way you can improve their kitchen skills and help improve their diet at the same time.

Let the creative juices flow

Though you may not like the idea of hundreds and thousands in the cake mix or chocolate on your pizza, kids love experimenting in the kitchen. Try not to stifle their creative juices too much. Let them learn through trial and error and give them the chance to use a wide range of ingredients so they can find out what they like and what they don’t like.

Cook a family meal

Putting your kids in charge of preparing a family meal will show them you trust them and give them a chance to show off their culinary skills. Help them to plan a simple and tasty menu and make sure you’re on hand to help with any emergencies. Most kids will love the challenge and the independence that come with cooking for their parents and siblings, so why not give them a chance to shine?

Don’t stick to solids

Though desserts and mains are the obvious place to start when teaching your kids to cook, there’s no need to stick completely to solids. You could also show your children how to whip up a delicious smoothie, how to make flavoured water and how to make milkshakes. As well as being fun and tasty, this will also give you an opportunity to teach them about the importance of hydration.

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