Where does each political party stand on education for the upcoming General Election?

The snap general election that’s now been called for June is likely to have an impact on a wide range of sectors. Aside from Brexit, one of the most crucial political battlegrounds in the UK is education. Politicians on both sides of the political divide have a deep seated interest in the topic, and it’s a subject that’s likely to have a big impact on the way a lot of people vote on June 8th.

So where exactly does each political party stand when it comes to education? And what type of government would be best for your child and the schools in your area?

The Conservatives

Theresa May’s flagship education policy is the plan to bring back grammar schools. Since 1998, local authorities have been forbidden from opening new grammar schools. This is because the Labour Government of the time believed selective education reinforced class divisions. However, despite the fact that a lot of Tories are opposed to grammar schools, the Prime Minister is a firm believer in the system. She wants to overturn the ban and see grammar schools return to counties across the UK.

Theresa May believes that grammar schools help the brightest pupils and aid social mobility. However many politicians fear that, by reintroducing grammar schools, less academically able pupils will be left behind.


Labour’s most recent education policy relates to food rather than teaching. Jeremy Corbyn has announced that he would give all primary school pupils free school meals. This would be paid for by charging VAT on private school fees. Labour hopes that, by providing free school meals to all pupils, they’ll remove the stigma of receiving free meals and ensure all primary pupils are well-nourished and able to focus in the classroom. Labour is against the reintroduction of grammar schools, and wants instead to focus on improving the level of education across the board.

Other parties

The education policies of other parties running in the 2017 election are less clear. With the election only announced a few days ago, and voters going to the polls in just a few weeks, it’s possible we won’t get a comprehensive overview of the education policies of the other parties.

With the election announcement taking everyone in the UK by surprise, it’s no wonder that most political parties are yet to come up with a fully thought through education policy. To find out more about policies in your local area, you may need to contact your MP or get in touch with candidates vying for the seat.

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