Are you a teacher preparing for the summer term? Here's a few tips to boost students’ good behaviour

With the sun shining bright in the sky and the playground more tempting than ever, the long summer term can be one of the most challenging of the academic year. Even before half term has been and gone, a lot of pupils are already looking forward to their summer break, and thoughts of outdoor play, holidays and lazy mornings are often hard to shake.

If you’re a teacher preparing for the summer term, you’re probably already aware that the end of the school year can be a challenge. To help make the next few months a little easier, here are our tips for boosting good behaviour in the classroom.

Keep score

A good behaviour chart is an easy but effective way of encouraging pupils to play by the rules. Something as simple as handing out gold stars can have a real impact on how children behave, though this will of course depend on the ages of your pupils. For older kids, you may need to offer something a little more tangible to get them to play ball. If you can, arrange a fun outing for the end of term and make it clear only the best behaved pupils will get to go along.

Be pleased to see them

Though you’re probably feeling tired and worn out yourself, if your pupils feel like you’re pleased to see them they’re far more likely to respond positively to you. Walk into lessons feeling energetic and optimistic and try to really enjoy the process of teaching. Though this is often easier said than done, coming across like you’re genuinely pleased to be there will go a long way to improving your pupils’ behaviour.

Praise good behaviour

Something as simple as praising good behaviour can help your pupils stay on the straight and narrow. If you have a class that’s gone well, or a difficult pupil whose toed the line, make it clear you’re happy with them. Be specific with your praise so they know exactly what it is they’ve done that you appreciate.

Keep them hydrated

Often, a lack of concentration in the classroom is the result of poor hydration. Encouraging your pupils to drink plenty of water throughout the day should help them to stay focussed in lessons. Though it sounds simple, a lack of water can have a serious impact on your pupils’ focus, so get them all kitted out with water bottles and make sure they use them.

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