Our Updated Fun Facts About Water

One of the most miraculous substances on Earth, water is responsible for sustaining life, running our weather systems and keeping us hydrated. As water is so important to all plants, animals and humans, we thought we’d take another look at some of its astounding properties. So if you want to know more about H2O, take a look at our updated list of fun facts about water.

Water is heavy

If you’ve ever tried to lift a ten-litre bottle of H2O, you’ll know that water is heavy. A litre of water weighs around 1kg, a cubic metre of water weighs one tonne and an inch of water covering an acre of land would weigh a whopping 113 tonnes.

The air is full of water

Though we think of the oceans, seas, and streams as being the main home of H2O, the air is also full of water. In fact, there’s more water in the atmosphere than there is in all the rivers on Earth combined.

A lot of bottled water comes straight from the tap

Though a lot of us think of bottled water as being somehow cleaner or healthier than tap water, in actual fact a lot of bottled H2O is drawn from municipal sources. Up to 25% of bottled water is thought to come straight from the tap, meaning that a lot of people are paying money for something they could get for free.

The oceans are DEEP

If you’ve been swimming in the sea, you probably know that you can get out of your depth pretty quickly. As the beach disappears below the waves, the sea gets deeper and deeper until it’s almost impossible for even submarines to get to the bottom. The deepest known point in the world’s oceans is the Mariana Trench. Located in the western Pacific, not far from Japan, it’s about 2,550km long, 69km wide and almost 11km deep.

The longest river in the world is in Africa

Measuring approximately 6853km from start to finish, the Nile is generally considered to be the longest river in the world. However, recent Peruvian and Brazilian studies have shown the Amazon could, in fact, pip its rival to the post, coming in at a maximum length of 6,992km.

Water is a super solvent

Water is able to dissolve more than substances than any other liquid. Wherever it goes, water picks up various chemicals and minerals, depositing them as it flows.

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