Some Healthy Alternatives to Easter Eggs

Though there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of chocolate at Easter, too much is definitely bad news for kids and adults of all ages. If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, or simply putting together an Easter hamper for your children, and want to make it a little bit healthier, here are a few ideas for Easter egg alternatives.

Fruit and peanut butter

If you haven’t yet tried fruit with peanut butter, you’re really missing out. There are few things tastier than a freshly cut apple dipped in peanut butter. Bananas work well too but, thanks to the amount of sugar they contain, aren’t quite as healthy. Instead of an Easter egg, give your child a sliced apple and a small pot of peanut butter. They might not look that impressed at first, but once they dig in they’ll be more than happy.

Chocolate covered fruit

Giving kids chocolate covered fruit is a great way to sneak something a little healthy into their Easter haul. You can either buy readymade chocolate covered fruit from the shops, or, if you have time, make your own.


Now, carrots may not be particularly exciting, but they are a favourite of the Easter Bunny so you can just about get away with serving them up instead of chocolate. If you’re kids aren’t convinced by the bunny argument, remind them that carrots will help them to see in the dark and see if that does the trick.


If you make the biscuits at home, it’s easy to make them relatively healthy. Use oatmeal, fruit and nuts to add nutrition to a basic biscuit mix and make something healthy and delicious in the process.

Eggs with hidden surprises

You can make Easter even more exciting by buying a few plastic egg cases from the toyshop and placing a sweet or toy inside for your child to find. Use them in an Easter egg hunt or place them in a festive hamper.


If skipping chocolate altogether simply isn’t an option, you can minimise the sugar and E numbers your kids eat but downsizing their Easter treats. Opt for small eggs instead of big ones and mini packs of chocolates instead of jumbo options. The more chocolate you can cut out of their Easter egg consumption, the better.

To help make Easter even healthier, remind your kids to top up their water levels throughout the day. This is especially important if they’re running around outside hunting for eggs.

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