Ways to Save Water At Home - For Kids!

According to Waterwise, every person in the UK uses around 150 litres of water a day. When you add in other ‘hidden factors’ like the water used to produce your food and objects in your home, the figure jumps to a whopping 4,646 litres a day.

As water is a valuable resource, the more we can save, the better. If you teach kids about the importance of water from an early age, they’ll develop great green habits and save a huge amount of water over their lifetime. Teaching kids how to save water at home is easy, and, with a bit of imagination, you can even make it fun.

Turn off the taps

If you leave the tap on while you’re brushing your teeth, you’re literally letting good water go down the drain. As well as adding unnecessarily to your household energy bills, this will waste a huge amount of H2O. As soon as your kids start brushing their teeth, get them into the habit of turning off the tap. Make sure they know to turn it as tightly as possible to avoid leaks and drips.

Have a quick showering competition

The average eight-minute shower uses 62 litres of water. If you can cut your shower time down to just five minutes, you’ll save both time and H2O. If your kids are spending ages in the shower, why not help them to get a move on by challenging them to wash as fast as possible? Though they’ll still need to make sure they wash thoroughly, a competition will make them more aware of the amount of water they’re using and will make water conservation a bit more fun.

Collect rainwater

Get your kids to collect bottles, bucket and other plastic containers from around the house and place them out in the garden. Leave them out there in rain and shine and the next time you need to water the garden get your kids to find all the containers and pour the contents onto the flower beds.

Collect rainwater

Another way your flowers can benefit from your water saving lessons is to use your old bath water to hydrate your fruit and veg. Make sure the soap you’re using is safe for the garden and then get your kids to grab a bucket or a watering can, fill it up from the bath tub and pour it on the flowers. A great way to teach children the importance of water conservation, this will help to reduce your waste water levels and help your garden to thrive.

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