What Makes A Top Teacher?

Everyone remembers the teachers at school that really inspired them. The ones that went the extra mile, the ones that helped them to understand a complex subject and the ones that gave them the confidence to succeed. Though there are no shortcuts to being a good teacher, there are some things that excellent educators have in common. If you’re currently looking for ways to inspire your pupils, here are some of the crucial factors that make a top teacher.

Teachers who are prepared and organised

If you want to boost your confidence in front of the class and make every lesson as interesting as possible, being prepared and organised will help. The more you know about the subject you’re teaching and the more familiar you are with your educational materials, the easier it will be to present the lesson in an interesting and engaging way.

Teachers that love their job

When teachers are passionate about the work they’re doing, it comes across in the classroom. Kids automatically know when someone really cares about their subject and their pupils and they’ll respond positively to this passion. If you’re newly qualified and still getting to grips with the job and everything it entails, try to take a bit of time to remember why you signed up to teach in the first place and what you love about working with kids.

Teachers that care about students’ well being

If you enjoy teaching, then caring about your students’ well-being will probably come as second nature. Think about subjects you can teach your students that will complement their education and help them to get the most out of school. Even simple things like encouraging them to eat well and stay hydrated during the day can help you to show your pupils you care and ensure they’re focused in the classroom.

Teachers that help students to understand complex issues

Taking a bit of time to explain complex issues and to try and help your pupils understand a subject can help turn you from a good teacher into a great one. Though it may require a bit of extra work and some creative thinking, finding different ways to approach a subject can really help your students to get their heads around it.

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