Where will today's school children be in 2030?

When we’re at school, the world is our oyster. We can grow up to be anything from a train driver to a fireman or an astronaut to a pop star. Ask today’s school children what they want to be when they’re older and you’ll hear a huge variety of answers, with kids hoping to be everything from a vet to an Olympian. So just where could today’s school kids be in the future? And what could our current crop of primary and secondary school pupils be doing in 2030?

Tomorrow’s athletes

The London 2012 Olympics inspired millions to get off their sofas and get active. The impact of the games is still being felt in schools across the country with improved facilities and sports programmes helping kids get fit and healthy. Some of these children may well go on to excel in their chosen field, with the best even working towards an Olympic medal of their own. With the average age of an Olympian 26, and games in both 2028 and 2032, today’s 11 to 15 year olds could be the sports heroes of tomorrow.

Doctors and nurses

On average it takes ten years to train to be a GP and 14 to become a surgeon. If you add in a couple of years for GCSEs and A Levels, today’s school children could easily be operating on your ingrowing toenail, diagnosing your sniffles and taking care of you during your stay in hospital in 2030. Children who decide to be nurses could be working in the NHS even sooner, with the average training time just four years. This means that, by 2030, they’ll already be experienced in their field.

Carpenters, electricians and plumbers

With tradesmen of all descriptions in very short supply, a practical career could be an excellent choice for today’s school children. Training for most of these vocational roles is between three and four years, with apprenticeships allowing young people to earn while they learn. By 2030, today’s seven, eight and nine year olds may be crafting your wooden dining table, renovating your bathroom or rewiring your home.

Computer programmers

One career where age isn’t always a barrier is computer programming. There are currently more jobs than there are qualified people to fill them, and many kids are beginning to earn cash on their digital creations while they’re still in school. In fact, with more and more teenagers going straight into the industry, by 2030 these ambitious developers could well be old hands in the computer trade.

As long as school kids today stay healthy, hydrated and focused in the classroom, they’ll be able to look forward to exciting futures. From doctors and nurses to architects, footballers and scientists, today’s kids can grow up to be whoever they want to be. To find out how hydration forms a part of the future of our children, explore our site today.

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