How Hydration is Just as Important When Home Educating

When you choose to teach your children at home, you want to ensure the knowledge you give them is richer and more rounded than the education they would have received in school. A bit part of this is helping kids to understand nutrition and hydration and setting them on the path to a healthy adult life.

Teaching kids about hydration

If you’re home educating your children, you have a fantastic opportunity to teach them about hydration in a creative and exciting way. There are lots of fun experiments you can try to show children the magic of water and to help them to understand the crucial role that it plays in the natural world.

When teaching your kids at home you can also show them how to monitor their own hydration levels by spotting the signs of dehydration and checking the colour of their urine after they go to the loo. Instilling these habits into your children early will give them the tools they need to mature into healthy adults with a good relationship with nutrition and hydration.

Exercise and hydration

Hydration is even more important when we exercise. If you’re taking your kids out for PE lessons in the park or leading them on energetic nature walks through the local woods, you need to ensure you take plenty of water along with you. Talk to your children about the importance of staying hydrated when you’re active and encourage them to drink lots of H2O when you’re out and about.

Making flavoured water

If your home learners aren’t keen on drinking pure water, you can liven up their liquid intake – and create a fun lesson – by teaching them how to make flavoured water. Adding a few zesty fruits, a bit of mint and some berries to your water will give it great flavour and colour and help get kids more excited about drinking.

Invest in specially designed bottles

Another good way to get children interested in hydration is to give them their very own specially designed water bottles. Giving them responsibility for their own hydration will help them learn how much water they need to drink and teach them to carry H2O with them wherever they go.

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