How to reward kids for thinking and drinking!

If you’re a teacher or parent, you’ll know just how much kids love being rewarded for their hard work. Whether it’s doing their chores on time, completing their homework before the deadline or being on their best behaviour in the classroom, kids love a bit of recognition and appreciation.

As well as helping to boost self confidence and reinforce good behaviour, rewarding kids for maintaining good hydration will help them to develop healthy habits which will stand them in great stead for adult life. If your children are currently learning about hydration and health, here are a few ideas for ways you can reward their hard work.


It’s a well known fact that kids love stickers. Whether they’re big, small, shiny, furry or even smelly, kids will do almost anything for a sticker. If you’re encouraging your children or pupils to think about hydration and drink water on a regular basis, you can use stickers to create your very own reward scheme.

Give every child who remembers to have a drink a sticker at the end of lunch or break time or reward children who have managed to drink their daily litre of H2O with a sticker at the end of the day. Even this modest incentive will have a big impact on kids’ hydration levels. The scheme will work even better if you place a level of importance and prestige on winning the sticky prize.

Weekly scorecards

Whenever a child reaches their one litre target, mark it down on a scoreboard for everyone to see. Kids who manage to drink a litre a day for an entire week can then be rewarded with a big sticker or another small prize. Make your scoreboard big and bold to attract attention and remind kids to drink - and make sure your children or pupils know just how important it is to reach their daily target.

Long term goals

To really cement good hydration habits, you can create even longer term goals for your children to aspire to. At the end of the term, the kids with the best record of hydration could receive a slightly bigger prize or a small trophy. This will help to keep motivation levels high for the whole term and will help to create healthy habits your pupils will stick to for life.

For more ideas on boosting hydration and teaching kids about the importance of water, take a look around our site.