Have a great Christmas

With the team here at Fish Hydration just about to lock up the tank and swim home for a well-deserved festive break, we thought now would be the perfect time to say Merry Christmas to all of the schools, kids clubs, organisations and families we work with across the country.

The past year has been a very exciting one for Fish Hydration, with more and more of our specially designed bottles and hydration stations popping up throughout the UK. In fact, 2016 has been so exciting, we can’t wait to see what new challenges and opportunities 2017 will bring.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make 2016 a year to remember

As well as wishing all the individuals and organisations we’ve worked with this year a very merry Christmas, we’d also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who’s made 2016 so memorable. From the people who came to visit us at our successful exhibition stand to the teachers who are spreading the word about hydration and the parents who are encouraging their kids to get stuck into H2O, you’ve all played a part in making the past year one of our most successful yet.

Let’s make 2017 even more watery

With your continued hard work and support, we’re confident that in 2017 we can improve the hydration levels of the nation’s children even further. We’re hoping to get more hydration stations into schools and youth clubs across the country, encourage more and more kids to carry a specially designed water bottle with them to school and get more teachers on board with our watery message.

We also hope to boost the general public’s awareness of hydration further using competitions, events and teaching materials, ensuring that the next generation of Britain’s kids will be the best hydrated yet.

As we rely on teachers, youth leaders and other motivated individuals to take up the baton of hydration awareness and spread our ideas and innovations to their schools and organisations, it’s essential you keep supporting Fish Hydration’s projects in 2017. With your help, we’ll encourage all the UK’s school kids to stay hydrated, stay healthy and achieve their full potential in 2017.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!