The Daily Mile scheme

Apart from good hydration and nutrition, one of the most important factors in keeping us healthy is exercise. Both kids and adults need to get their hearts pumping and blood moving every day if they want to burn calories, stay fit and stay active.

However, with around half of the UK’s primary school pupils not getting enough exercise, a worryingly high proportion of young people are growing up to be unfit and unhealthy adults. Setting these bad habits early in life can often make them harder to shake, leading to increased levels of obesity, inactivity and unhealthy living.

What is the scheme?

To help combat obesity and get children into good exercise habits from the start, schools around the country are signing up for The Daily Mile scheme. The scheme challenges schools to ensure pupils run or walk at least a mile every day, boosting their activity levels and helping them get fit and healthy.

The scheme has been incredibly successful and participating schools have seen a big increase in activity levels and a decrease in obesity in a very short space of time. What’s more, kids are performing better in class and many feel happier and healthier as a result of their daily outings.

Benefits of a daily mile

Though research at participating schools is still on going, teachers say that they have noticed a marked difference in the behaviour of their pupils.

Teachers at Chatsworth Primary School in Hounslow, who started taking part in The Daily Mile scheme at the start of 2016, say that concentration, energy and fitness levels are up with overall behaviour also improving since the introduction of the scheme. Their PE subject leader at the school, said he got the idea after reading about St Ninian's Primary School in Stirling, Scotland which had introduced the initiative.

Though some pupils find the distance challenging, most relish the chance to get out of their lessons for 15 minutes a day, with the novelty of hurtling round the playing fields helping to energise and motivate them.

Exercise and hydration

With more and more schools taking up The Daily Mile Mission, it’s incredibly important that teachers ensure their pupils are getting plenty of water to drink and are staying hydrated. The more we exercise, the more water we need so ensuring there are lots of hydration stations around the school grounds is a must. In the summer months, this is even more important as the warm weather will make pupils sweat more and become more easily dehydrated.

To find out more about boosting hydration in schools, have a look around our website or get in touch with a member of our team.