TV chef and food campaigner Jamie Oliver has been fighting to improve the standard of the nation’s diet for years. From his 2005 project to rid our schools of turkey twizzlers and processed foods, to his recent campaign to introduce a sugar tax on fizzy drinks, it seems the chef will stop at nothing to get us eating better and living more healthily.

As part of Jamie Oliver’s current campaign, the Kitchen Garden Project, the chef is working to educate primary and nursery school children about fresh food and nutrition. Schools and nurseries participating in the project teach their pupils about how fruit and veg grow and about the importance of good nutrition, giving them the tools and the information they need to lead happier, healthier lives.

Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project

Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project is linked to the curriculum and relies on teachers taking the time to talk to their pupils about food, nutrition and healthy choices. The success of the project also depends on the time and money that schools and nurseries are willing to invest in the scheme. The more effort institutions put in to teaching their pupils about nutrition, the more impressive the results of the project will be.


As well as learning the theory of good nutrition, pupils will be encouraged to put their newfound knowledge into practice by cooking up a variety of delicious and healthy dishes. By teaching children how to cook, Oliver hopes to give them the tools that they so desperately need to avoid obesity, shun fast food and say goodbye to unhealthy eating habits for good.

It’s hoped that, as these children grow up, their cookery skills and nutritional knowledge will help them to teach others about healthy eating and enable them to provide a balanced diet for the families they’ll have in the future.


Like us, Jamie Oliver knows that cutting out fizzy drinks and boosting hydration through drinking more natural liquids is an important part of childhood nutrition. His infographic shows just how important hydration is to growing kids, improving brain function and keeping us healthy and alert.

As water contains no calories or additives, it’s by far the healthiest way to stay hydrated. If kids top up their levels of H20 regularly throughout the day, they’re more likely to perform well in the classroom, make healthier choices and live healthier, more hydrated lives.

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