What parents are talking about, and why it matters…

Everyone knows that parents notice things. They notice changes. They notice what other parents and their children are doing. In short, they gossip.

Amidst all this gossip they talk about what happens in other schools nearby and then compare that with your school.

The identity your school is recognised by, is the identity that is created amongst gossip. When your school comes up with something unique, something with added value, it really does help parents to see the efforts, the value and the interest your school has in creating a better educational environment for their students.

Every year, each school is making increasing efforts to attract more pupils (unless you are in the lucky position of being over-subscribed each year). What worked as a unique point for your school one year is done by everybody the next year.

Experience proves that the most effective way of gaining parental interest and support is by focussing on ways to enhance their child’s academic performance. Portraying the importance of academic achievement, and trying to use authoritative power to influence the results of students inevitably strikes a flare of arrogance with each pupil. The FISH Campaign for Motivational Hydration enhances learning without any command to students.

Earlier this year a study by researchers at Sheffield University found that six out of ten youngsters in the UK are at risk of daily dehydration because they do not drink enough. But when youngsters are sufficiently hydrated their academic achievements increase impressively.

We provide school-friendly water bottles that can be branded with the schools logo. Ensuring students are constantly hydrated is all that we ask to ensure that your school achievement record excels. Ensure that you keep all parents informed- the importance of hydration, over against the danger of dehydration, and obviously, the educational benefits that water brings with it. This hydrational message will be communicated amongst schools, teachers and parents, all of which will support our creation of a better tomorrow.