An easy, hassle-free, win-win fundraising solution for your school

The regular school challenge with budgets being cut is that human needs do not reflect this cut. All students still need stationary, books, tables, chairs, and most importantly hydration, but all of these can be expensive.

The solution we recommend at FISH would be to turn one of these expenses into a profit return. Parents are unlikely to be happy paying for their child’s chairs, furniture or even stationary as these are seen as a school provision, however a hydration solution begs the question.

Many schools encourage kids to bring their own water bottles to school, which is great. However, these water bottles can range from £2.50 upwards in high street shops, and they won’t necessarily be non-spill.

Our Activ range of bottles, printed with your school’s logo help to encourage both Parents and Students alike to take pride in their school, at a very competitive price. Our solution is that the bottle is marketed as part of the school “uniform”, we provide you with your school hydration package, and then you can sell the bottles to the parents for a small profit, directly returning as investment into the school. Experience has proven that by taking this action, students, parents and staff alike are thrilled with the outstanding results. Happier, healthier students through Hydration.