Primary Educational Management Newsgroup features Activ-R

We are really excited that more prestigious educational representatives are picking up the great benefits of the Activ-R sustainable water bottle, and recognising it as the revolutionary development for sustainability! The below text featured in a recent Primary Educational Management newsletter. Reproduced by kind permission.

The vast majority of water bottles are not made from sustainable products. So what can we do about it?

“I read last week that the number of water bottles used each year in the UK is 4 billion. Of course, I don’t know if that’s right. Maybe it is 3 billion, but whatever the number, it’s a lot. “What I found interesting was the fact that none of these bottles actually comes from a sustainable source. They are, in fact, made from oil-based products.

“And what is fundamentally frustrating about this is that it is possible to make recyclable bottles from a renewable source. One simply uses sugar cane. This makes bottles that are not only fully recyclable but also constructed without any damage to the local economy or environment.

“Now information like this doesn’t emerge on its own, and not surprisingly most firms in the bottled water industry are not making a big splash (if you’ll excuse the metaphor) about the fact that their bottles are not made from renewable sources.

“But things are changing for it seems we have entered the age of the bottle that comes from a totally sustainable and renewable source. It can be reused time and again, is subsequently 100% recyclable, and as a bonus has a non-spill design.

“I found all this out because I was sent an Activ-R water bottle. On the sustainable side of things this bottle is not made from a fossil fuel based plastic, but comes from bio-based polymers derived from ethically sourced sugar cane. Even better!”