• Why we can't drink seawater?

    Why we can't drink seawater?

    If you’ve ever been to the beach, you’ll know there’s an awful lot of water in the sea. You might think that, if you get thirsty when you’re playing in the sand, you could just walk down to the water for a drink. However, although it looks just like normal water, seawater holds an invisible secret that makes it undrinkable: salt.

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  • Did you know how important hydration is in the Winter?

    Why hydration is so important in winter

    With the winter fast approaching, we thought now would be the perfect time to take a look at cold weather hydration and why it’s so important. So why not grab yourself a steaming cup of tea or a nice hot chocolate and keep reading to find out more?

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  • Who is the Fish Scheme for?

    Who is the Fish Scheme for?

    Every once and a while we like to take a break from exploring the wonders of water to remind our fantastic hydration network exactly what it is we do. So if your school or youth group has signed up to Fish, or if you’re looking for ways to boost hydration in your organisation, here’s a rundown of what we’re trying to achieve and who the Fish scheme is for.

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  • More Halloween tips

    Halloween tricks and treats

    Although Halloween is traditionally a time for sugary indulgence, let’s not forget the ‘trick’ part of the celebration altogether. By being a little creative in the kitchen and cunning in your cooking, you can whip up a number of surprising, terrifying and downright weird tricks and treats for your kids to enjoy this Halloween.

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  • How schools can encourage kids to drink more water

    How schools can encourage kids to drink more water

    A recent study has revealed that many UK school children drink just a quarter of the water they need during the school day. The research, carried out by Chilean Easy Peel Oranges, has shown that 32% of kids go through the entire school day on just one glass of water while one in 20 parents say their child drinks nothing at all in between 9am-3pm.

    These shocking figures are bad news for both schools and families. Kids need plenty of H2O in order for their bodies to work as they should. A lack of hydration can lead to pupils suffering headaches, fatigue, dizziness and long term health issues. So how can schools encourage children to drink more? And is it possible to turn the tide in the fight against dehydration?

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  • Some help with Halloween

    Spooky Halloween Recipes

    With Halloween just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start getting ready for the spooky season. If you’re planning a party, or just want to get in the Halloween mood, try out one of these terrifyingly good recipes.

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  • Gift ideas that help with little ones’ health

    Gift ideas that help with little ones’ health

    With increasing numbers of children struggling to meet minimum activity levels, encouraging your kids to get out and get active is crucial if you want them to grow into healthy adults. To help you raise energy levels in your home, we’ve created a list of health boosting gift ideas for kids.

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  • Clever car tells drivers when they need to drink water

    Clever car tells drivers when they need to drink water

    If you pay careful attention to your hydration, you’ll know that not drinking enough water during the day can cause you to feel dizzy and tired and make it hard to concentrate. If you’re at school, this can make it hard to learn new things and stay focussed in the classroom. However if when grown ups are behind the wheel of a car, it can be seriously dangerous.

    One way to prevent dehydration from causing a problem when you’re on the road is to drink water regularly. However remembering to stay hydrated on long car journeys can be easier said than done, especially if you’re concentrating on navigating as well.

    To help drivers remember to drink water when they’re on the road, one car company has invented a vehicle that actually tells you when it’s time to take a water break. The high tech invention could help to prevent drivers from becoming dehydrated and could make our roads even safer.

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  • These are the best water parks in the world

    The best water parks in the world

    As well as helping to sustain all life on earth and keep us happy and healthy, water is a lot of fun. To help you have as much fun as possible with H2O, we’ve picked out some of the best water parks around the world for you to explore.

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  • Is there water on the moon?

    Map marks water on the moon!

    When you look up at the moon at night, it can be hard to imagine there’s anything much up there. Dry, dusty and without any trees, plants or animals, the moon isn’t somewhere you’d like to spend a lot of time.

    However, the earth’s satellite might not be as barren as you thought. Scientists have recently had a closer look at the moon and they’ve discovered that the basic building blocks of water can be found there. What exactly this could mean for life on the moon isn’t yet clear, but it’s an exciting step for science and for our understanding of the moon.

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  • Water pranks and funny fails

    Water pranks and funny fails

    Although water has a number of important and very serious functions, it’s also a lot of fun. From building a water slide in your back garden, to having a water balloon fight with friends, a little bit of H2O can help you have a lot of fun on a hot summer’s day.

    With just a few more weeks of warm weather left, we thought we’d help you finish your summer off with a bang by sharing some of the best and funniest water pranks and funny fails of all time.

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  • This is how bad dehydration is for you

    Dehydration can cause serious health problems

    When you’re really thirsty, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t feel great. Sometimes you might have a headache, other times you might just feel a bit tired and dizzy, either way, you’ve probably guessed that being low on H2O isn’t great news for your body. As well as causing temporary problems, dehydration can create serious long term health issues. If you go without water on a regular basis it could make you ill and you may be setting yourself up for poor health in the future.

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  • Films featuring water

    Films featuring water

    As well as being an essential part of life on dry land, water is integral to life in the oceans. Billions of creatures live throughout the world’s seas, varying in size from enormous whales to tiny plankton. If you don’t know that much about life under the waves, watching movies set in the water is a great way to learn more. Here are a few of our favourites to get you started.

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  • Should we actually appreciate the rain?

    Why we should welcome the rain!

    If you’re on your holidays, you’ve probably noticed the weather is anything but summery. Much of the UK has seen heavy rain over the past few weeks and in some places it feels more like the middle of December than the middle of August.

    However, though the rain can spoil a day at the beach, it’s good news for the planet. Offering our gardens a much needed drink and providing the perfect excuse to stay in and snuggle up with a good movie, rainy days are an integral part of a true British summer.

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  • Discover The Science Behind Hydration in the body for Children

    The Science Behind Hydration in the body for Children

    Up to the age of six months, around 75% of a child’s body is made up of water. By the time you’re an adult, this will drop to 60%, still well over half of your body weight. The reason we have so much water in our bodies is that it’s incredibly important. Without plenty of H2O none of us would be able to survive for long. In fact, it’s one of the life’s most important building blocks.

    To help you understand why water is so important, we’re taking a quick look at the role it plays inside our bodies and how it helps us to stay happy and healthy.

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  • Which of these are your favourite family summer sports?

    Our favourite summer sports for all the family

    Long, sunny days and warm weather make summer the perfect time to get out and get active with the family. Whether your kids are just learning to hold a racket or they’re on their way to being pros, you’ll all have a lot of fun playing in the great outdoors. To help give you the motivation to get out there, we’ve put together our list of the best summer sports for all the family.

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  • Is your school going to be affected by the election result?

    What do the election results mean for teachers and schools?

    Though the recent election was far from conclusive, and we’re still not 100% sure who’ll be Prime Minister this time next week, experts are already beginning to look at what the result could mean for education. Prior to the vote, the Tory government had set out clear goals on bringing back grammar schools and cutting free school meals for children from poorer families. However, the shock result could well change the Conservatives’ plans, forcing them to reassess their policies on education and changing the way schools are funded in the coming years.

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  • Did you know how important water is to our DNA?

    Water is so important it’s even in our DNA!

    One of the most important natural resources on Earth, water plays a central role in a huge variety of life cycles and chemical reactions. Without it, most plants, mammals, reptiles, fish and birds would simply disappear, transforming the Earth into a desert. In fact, water is so important it’s actually built into our DNA, forming one of the building blocks of life and helping us to be the people we are today.

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  • How hard is your water?

    Hard and soft water explained - what's the water where you live

    The hardness of the water in your home will have an impact on everything from its flavour to how clean it makes your crockery. Understanding the effects of hard water and soft water will help you to work with the water in your home and get the best out of your H2O supply.

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  • Is Your School Keeping Up With The Nutrition Standards?

    What are the nutritional standards for UK Schools?

    Over the past decade, the quality of food in UK schools has improved dramatically. Where once primary school children feasted on turkey twizzlers and chips, kids are now eating a lot more fruit, veg and freshly cooked meals. Though there may still be a long way to go, the progress made so far has helped to improve the nutrition of the nation’s children. More kids are eating well at school and, in turn, are learning more about nutrition and what constitutes a healthy diet.

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  • How will rising holiday prices affect you?

    What's being done to tackle summer holiday price hikes?

    If you’re a parent or a teacher, you’ll already be well aware that the cost of going on holiday sky rockets as soon as the schools close their doors. Whether it’s Easter, half term or the long summer break, those jetting off for a sunny escape can expect to pay significantly more for their getaway if they wait until the schools break up.

    With schools enforcing fines for term time absences and many parents unwilling to take their kids out of school outside of the holidays, avoiding these price hikes is almost impossible. So is anything being done to tackle the cost of school holidays? And how can you avoid paying extra for your summer getaway?

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  • Would You Like To Get Your Kids Involved In Cooking?

    Kids and Cooking - How to get them involved

    Messy, fun and delicious, cooking is a great activity for kids of all ages. Whether they’re baking cakes, making their own pizzas or learning how to cook a family meal from scratch, most kids love getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. As well being a great way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day, cooking helps to teach them important life skills for the future. So if your little ones are yet to roll up their sleeves and get involved, here are a few tips for how you can turn your cooking novices into seasoned chefs.

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  • How is your school affected by the General Election?

    Where does each political party stand on education for the upcoming General Election?

    The snap general election that’s now been called for June is likely to have an impact on a wide range of sectors. Aside from Brexit, one of the most crucial political battlegrounds in the UK is education. Politicians on both sides of the political divide have a deep seated interest in the topic, and it’s a subject that’s likely to have a big impact on the way a lot of people vote on June 8th.

    So where exactly does each political party stand when it comes to education? And what type of government would be best for your child and the schools in your area?

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  • Join us in waging war on disposable plastic bottles

    The War on Plastic Bottles

    Every day, another 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfill. Millions more are dropped on streets, thrown into rivers and kicked into gutters, clogging up the countryside and damaging fragile habitats. According to The Guardian, “Humans have made enough plastic since the Second World War to coat the Earth entirely in clingfilm”.

    To try and reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfill or scattered across our fields, roads and cities, the Government is looking at a number of new policies. So what weapons do we have at our disposal in the war on plastic bottles and is it really possible to reduce the amount of bottles used every year?

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  • Preparing for the summer term?

    Are you a teacher preparing for the summer term? Here's a few tips to boost students’ good behaviour

    With the sun shining bright in the sky and the playground more tempting than ever, the long summer term can be one of the most challenging of the academic year. Even before half term has been and gone, a lot of pupils are already looking forward to their summer break, and thoughts of outdoor play, holidays and lazy mornings are often hard to shake.

    If you’re a teacher preparing for the summer term, you’re probably already aware that the end of the school year can be a challenge. To help make the next few months a little easier, here are our tips for boosting good behaviour in the classroom.

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  • More Fun Facts About Water To Share With Your Class

    Our Updated Fun Facts About Water

    One of the most miraculous substances on Earth, water is responsible for sustaining life, running our weather systems and keeping us hydrated. As water is so important to all plants, animals and humans, we thought we’d take another look at some of its astounding properties. So if you want to know more about H2O, take a look at our updated list of fun facts about water.

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  • Do you know how important water is for babies?

    How Important is Water for Babies?

    Though we all know how important water is for kids, teenagers and adults, not everyone is aware of just how crucial it is for babies. If you’re a new mum just getting to grips with your child’s nutrition and hydration, understanding the role that water plays in their healthy development is essential. To help you get your child’s H2O intake just right, we’re taking a look at hydration for babies.

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  • A change from Chocolate

    Some Healthy Alternatives to Easter Eggs

    Though there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of chocolate at Easter, too much is definitely bad news for kids and adults of all ages. If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, or simply putting together an Easter hamper for your children, and want to make it a little bit healthier, here are a few ideas for Easter egg alternatives.

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  • How will your school be affected by the new budget?

    What does the budget mean for schools?

    According to The Institute for Fiscal Studies, spending per pupil in UK schools is to fall by around 6.5% by 2019/2020. This is the first real-term cut in spending since the mid-1990s and is set to have a significant impact on pupils across the county. However, other repercussions from the Chancellor’s recent budget could be felt much sooner. So exactly what changes are on the horizon and how could they affect you, your children and your school?

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  • You know how to save water, but do the kids?

    Ways to Save Water At Home - For Kids!

    According to Waterwise, every person in the UK uses around 150 litres of water a day. When you add in other ‘hidden factors’ like the water used to produce your food and objects in your home, the figure jumps to a whopping 4,646 litres a day.

    As water is a valuable resource, the more we can save, the better. If you teach kids about the importance of water from an early age, they’ll develop great green habits and save a huge amount of water over their lifetime. Teaching kids how to save water at home is easy, and, with a bit of imagination, you can even make it fun.

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  • Do you inspire the people you teach?

    What Makes A Top Teacher?

    Everyone remembers the teachers at school that really inspired them. The ones that went the extra mile, the ones that helped them to understand a complex subject and the ones that gave them the confidence to succeed. Though there are no shortcuts to being a good teacher, there are some things that excellent educators have in common. If you’re currently looking for ways to inspire your pupils, here are some of the crucial factors that make a top teacher.

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  • Looking into the future of our children

    Where will today's school children be in 2030?

    When we’re at school, the world is our oyster. We can grow up to be anything from a train driver to a fireman or an astronaut to a pop star. Ask today’s school children what they want to be when they’re older and you’ll hear a huge variety of answers, with kids hoping to be everything from a vet to an Olympian. So just where could today’s school kids be in the future? And what could our current crop of primary and secondary school pupils be doing in 2030?

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  • The Science Of Snow

    5 Things You Didn't Know About Snow

    Though water and snow are made from the same molecules, they have very different properties. In fact, snow is very special and can do all sorts of fantastic things. To give you an idea of the unique things snow is capable of, and to give you a few facts to impress your friends with next time the heavens open, here are 5 things you didn’t know about snow.

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  • Keeping hydrated isn't just for schools!

    How Hydration is Just as Important When Home Educating

    When you choose to teach your children at home, you want to ensure the knowledge you give them is richer and more rounded than the education they would have received in school. A bit part of this is helping kids to understand nutrition and hydration and setting them on the path to a healthy adult life.

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  • Keeping tabs on our health from our early years

    Helping your young ones have a healthy attitude to weight

    These days, more and more of us are suffering from weight problems. From the very young to the very old, we’re piling on the pounds and waistlines across the UK are expanding faster than ever. Though shifting excess weight is never easy, if the problem starts at a very young age it can be even harder to change our eating and exercise habits.

    That’s why giving kids a healthy attitude to weight is so important. In fact, the earlier you can start them off, the better. If you’re currently struggling to get your kids to eat a healthy, balanced diet, here are a few ideas for getting them healthy, fit and active.

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  • Do they understand how important drinking water is?

    How much do kids really know about the importance of drinking water?

    Though we’re all told to drink lots of water from a young age, how many of us really know why hydration is so important? Kids especially aren’t always sure why they should be topping up their H2O and, as a result, can be reluctant to drink as much water as they should.

    Understanding exactly why water is so important will help the pupils in your class to stay motivated about hydration. To help you get your message across, here are some key facts about water and the essential role it plays in the world’s life cycle.

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  • Keep your family active

    Set a Good Example and Get Active as a Family

    The best way to ensure your kids become active and healthy adults is to get them into good habits while they’re young. A great way to start these habits early is to exercise as a family. Not only will you get fit and healthy, you’ll also be able to enjoy some quality time with your kids and make some great memories in the process. Here are some ideas for fun family activities to get your started.

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  • Are you rewarding kids for drinking water?

    How to reward kids for thinking and drinking!

    If you’re a teacher or parent, you’ll know just how much kids love being rewarded for their hard work. Whether it’s doing their chores on time, completing their homework before the deadline or being on their best behaviour in the classroom, kids love a bit of recognition and appreciation.

    As well as helping to boost self confidence and reinforce good behaviour, rewarding kids for maintaining good hydration will help them to develop healthy habits which will stand them in great stead for adult life. If your children are currently learning about hydration and health, here are a few ideas for ways you can reward their hard work.

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  • Hit the ground running in 2017

    Back to School - New Year, New Term Checklist

    With Christmas done and dusted for another year, it’s time to dig out the uniforms from the back of the wardrobe, polish up the smart shoes and go back to school. To help you, and your young scholars, get ready for the new school term, here’s our checklist of the essential things you’ll need for the cold, dark January term.

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  • Merry Christmas from Fish Hydration

    Have a great Christmas

    With the team here at Fish Hydration just about to lock up the tank and swim home for a well-deserved festive break, we thought now would be the perfect time to say Merry Christmas to all of the schools, kids clubs, organisations and families we work with across the country.

    The past year has been a very exciting one for Fish Hydration, with more and more of our specially designed bottles and hydration stations popping up throughout the UK. In fact, 2016 has been so exciting, we can’t wait to see what new challenges and opportunities 2017 will bring.

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  • Festive Food Recipes With Water In!

    Mix Festivity with Hydration

    Though it might be cold and rainy outside, hydration is just as important in the winter months as it is in summer. In fact, with central heating drying us out and many people wrapped up in multiple layers of clothing, it can be even more important.

    To help you fit as much water into your diet as possible, and to get you in the mood for Christmas, we’ve picked a few of our favourite water based recipes for you to try at home.

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  • Is your sports water bottle clean?

    How to keep your water or sports bottle clean

    Over the past few years, reusable water bottles have become incredibly popular. As well as being better for the environment compared to disposable alternatives, having reusable water bottles on hand helps remind kids and adults alike to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    However, as the bottle is reusable, it needs a little TLC to keep it in good condition and to ensure you’re getting the best quality water possible. This means keeping it clean. The cleaner you keep your bottle, the healthier it will be and the better the H2O will last inside the container.

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  • Make a difference for Christmas

    Give the Gift of Clean Water this Christmas

    Clean water is one of life’s essentials. A basic human need, regions without access to clean water often suffer higher rates of child mortality and illness. Everything from education to development becomes all but impossible in areas without clean water, leaving communities suffering from poverty, poor sanitation and disease.

    To help overcome these issues and give developing communities the clean water they need, several charities around the world are working hard to build wells and create water purification solutions. If you want to give someone the gift of water this Christmas, why not donate to one of these hard working charities on a loved one’s behalf and help make the world a better place.

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  • Why Christmas Could be the Best Time of Year for Primary School Kids

    From festive performances to arts and crafts lessons and parties to presents, Christmas has a lot to offer kids of all ages. Most of us will have fond memories of being a donkey or angel in the Christmas play, and pretty much everyone will remember the carols they sang, the cards they made and the fun they had at school in the festive season. In fact, for many primary school kids, this is the very best time of year.

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  • When should we be booking holidays?

    When is the best time to book a holiday for next year in the school holidays?

    Chances are, you’re one of the millions of Brits that spends their days fantasising about blue skies, sunshine, swimming pools and beaches. If so, you’ve probably already started thinking about summer 2017. When the mercury plunges and the sky is grey, a family holiday in the sun is even more tempting.

    If you’re planning to treat your kids to a well deserved getaway next summer, grabbing a bargain is essential if you want to make your money go as far as possible and limit the impact of the school holiday price hike. To help you secure a sun drenched getaway at a rock bottom price, here are our tips for bagging a bargain break.

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  • How to Avoid Dehydration in Babies

    Dehydration can be a real problem in babies, especially in the summer months or if they’re suffering from diarrhoea. As babies have low fluid reserves and fast metabolisms, a lack of liquid can quickly become serious. In extreme cases, dehydration can even be life threatening.

    To help ensure your baby doesn’t suffer from dehydration, it’s important you can spot the signs and take steps to hydrate your baby quickly and effectively. Better yet, by being aware how much liquid your child needs you can help to prevent dehydration in the first place.

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  • Are You A Primary School Teacher Desperate to Impress Ofsted?

    If you’re a primary school teacher, you’ll know just how stressful Ofsted inspections can be. Even if you’re lucky enough to work in a ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ school, you and your colleagues will be under a considerable amount of pressure to go above and beyond when the inspectors come to visit.

    Though unfortunately there’s no magic wand to make the kids behave - and there are always going to be a few things that don’t go to plan on the day - there are some steps you can take to put yourself, and your school, in a strong position. Keep reading to find out more.

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  • Mile a Day Mission

    The Daily Mile scheme

    Apart from good hydration and nutrition, one of the most important factors in keeping us healthy is exercise. Both kids and adults need to get their hearts pumping and blood moving every day if they want to burn calories, stay fit and stay active.

    However, with around half of the UK’s primary school pupils not getting enough exercise, a worryingly high proportion of young people are growing up to be unfit and unhealthy adults. Setting these bad habits early in life can often make them harder to shake, leading to increased levels of obesity, inactivity and unhealthy living.

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  • Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project

    TV chef and food campaigner Jamie Oliver has been fighting to improve the standard of the nation’s diet for years. From his 2005 project to rid our schools of turkey twizzlers and processed foods, to his recent campaign to introduce a sugar tax on fizzy drinks, it seems the chef will stop at nothing to get us eating better and living more healthily.

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  • What is the Sugar Tax and will it make the UK healthier?

    One of the biggest surprises of George Osborne’s recent budget was the introduction of the Sugar Tax. Though some people had been lobbying for the tax to be brought in, few analysts thought that the Chancellor would use his 2016 budget to introduce the measure.

    Though some analysts believe the tax won’t have any effect on the nation’s sugar intake, others think that the new tax could dramatically reduce the amount of sugar in our diets. So what exactly is the Sugar Tax and what will it mean for your family and your bank balance?

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  • Nutrition and Hydration Week 2016

    As all of our followers will know, we’re big fans of H2O. Water can do wonders for kids and grownups of all ages, helping us do everything from concentrate to lose weight. That’s why we’re especially pleased to be an official supporter of Nutrition and Hydration Week 2016.

    A new initiative designed to promote awareness about nutrition and hydration, the event is being supported by innovative and hardworking organisations from around the world. If you’re interested in Nutrition and Hydration, or want to get involved with the event yourself, keep reading to find out more.

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  • Surprising Ways Water Helps You...

    It’s a well known fact that water is good for you. One of life’s most essential ingredients, water helps our bodies to function on a daily basis.

    However, this magical element has a few other impressive qualities you may not have heard about. To help encourage everyone to drink a little more of the good stuff, we’ve put together a few of our favourite benefits of H2O.

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  • How Children’s Health Fund grants could get your pupils drinking more water

    Drinking plenty of water is great for kids. Whether they’re in primary school, playgroup, secondary school or college, the better hydrated pupils are, the healthier their bodies will be and the easier it will be for them to concentrate in the classroom.

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  • Can water walk? Get kids excited about water with this exciting experiment

    With no colourful advertising campaigns, no eye-catching branding and no added sugar, it can be hard to get kids really excited about water. Though everyone knows it’s good for you, convincing kids that water is exciting can be tough.

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  • Active Kids Need More Water!

    Active Kids Need More Water!

    Water is the body’s most essential nutrient. Though people have been known to go over a month without food, no one can survive more than a week or so without water. Not only does water help to keep our bodies at a steady temperature, it also helps to maintain blood volume, lubricate our joints and carry toxins and excess products out of our bodies.

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  • School Gossip - Always Bad?

    What parents are talking about, and why it matters…

    Everyone knows that parents notice things. They notice changes. They notice what other parents and their children are doing. In short, they gossip.

    Amidst all this gossip they talk about what happens in other schools nearby and then compare that with your school.

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  • Quick and Easy Fundraising

    An easy, hassle-free, win-win fundraising solution for your school

    The regular school challenge with budgets being cut is that human needs do not reflect this cut. All students still need stationary, books, tables, chairs, and most importantly hydration, but all of these can be expensive.

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  • The Plastics Problem

    What makes a plastic eco-friendly?

    There is, increasingly, a lot of 'greenwash' out there about what a ‘green’ plastic is and what's not. There are biodegradable plastics, recycled plastics, plant-based bioplastics, and they are all 'green' to an extent. We acknowledge It is not always easy to get it clear in your mind what is eco-friendly and what is not.

    This issue is what we call the ‘plastics problem’. This problem is concerned with the fact that we make plastic out of fossil fuels – specifically oil, but because crude oil takes millions of years to form, once we’ve used it all up there’s no more to be had. Oil is used in a host of things: from plastic, to petrol, and we're already seeing the price of these things rise as oil gets more and more scarce.

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  • It's Official! Drink to Think

    How using a water bottle has been proven to improve exam results

    In April 2012, the Universities of East London and Westminster released a new set of data from a study that they had carried out. These results confirmed our hypothesis- hydration is essential for optimum academic performance, and a water bottle is often the best way to get access to that hydration.

    Specifically, the results displayed that using a water bottle during exams is more than likely to improve your grade.

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  • BPA Free, Please

    What is BPA anyway?

    BPA, or Bisphenol A, has been causing a lot of worry on the plastic bottle scene over recent years. In the mainstream there's no real cause for concern about its potential side effects, however scientists do have some cause for concern over its effects on the brain, behaviour and prostate gland in unborn babies, infants and children.

    BPA, worry or not- the FISH Campaign for Motivational Hydration provides bottles that contain NO BPA.

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  • Activ-R Hits Educational Newsletters

    Primary Educational Management Newsgroup features Activ-R

    We are really excited that more prestigious educational representatives are picking up the great benefits of the Activ-R sustainable water bottle, and recognising it as the revolutionary development for sustainability! The below text featured in a recent Primary Educational Management newsletter. Reproduced by kind permission.

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  • The Healthy Schools Approach

    Promoting a healthy schools environment

    The benefits of drinking water are well known, so it is shocking to learn that a study at Sheffield University found that six out of ten youngsters in the UK are at risk of daily dehydration, simply because they don't drink enough.

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