Our Mission is to Hydrate Thirsty Young Minds - Educating Tomorrow’s World Leaders.

Motivational Hydration...

Thank you for visiting the FISH Hydration website, we are excited to include you as part of our Motivational Hydration Experience!

Our mission is to allow every UK school child to have constant access to drinking water.

The FISH Campaign for Motivational Hydration promotes a refreshment scheme for active young minds. We know that proper hydration is critical for ensuring that we function to the top of our ability at all times, and we want to ensure that you reap the benefits that hydration brings with it.

When young people are hydrated, they are more receptive, more productive, more creative and more motivated. Medical Studies and clinical trials confirm that children that have access to drinking water have more energy, enjoy better health and are able to absorb more information.

How likely is it that the achievement of your students is restricted due to dehydration?

The FISH Campaign for Motivational Hydration promotes an educational scheme which enables students the access to a constant source of hydration.

Despite our main objective- to provide a constant hydration solution, we want to ensure that Students enjoy the programme, engage with our vision, and strive to make your school a better place.

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